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Download iOS IPSW for 3rd Generation iPod Touch

Build: 8F190
Release date: Mar 9, 2011
SHA1 Hash: 6879818321fd18267a15b91afbb1758dddd5dd5e
Features, Updates, Bugfix, and Changelog of iOS :

  • Initial release on iPad 2 is March 11
  • Bug Fixes
  • AirPlay video support for third party apps
  • HTTP Live Streaming Statistics
  • New font in Notes app (“Noteworthy”)
  • A slightly “redesigned” keyboard with a different graphic under each key in the App Store
  • Improved Safari Performance with “Nitro” JavaScript Engine
  • Redesigned “account” section under the Store menu
  • Location services has been shifted from General to Settings Menu
  • New Parental Controls for use with Ping
  • Location services & Mail accounts ON/OFF button changed to a lock symbol
  • New menu for scrubbing in videos
    • Fine Scrubbing: Adjust by seconds/ frames
    • Quarter Scrubbing: Second
    • Half Speed Scrubbing: Adjust by minute(s)
    • Hi-Speed Scrubbing: Run fast through minutes
  • Ability to cancel and delete an app which is currently downloading. Before iOS 4.3 it was only possible to delete an app which has already downloaded.
  • Stream from an iTunes library to iOS using Home Sharing.
  • In-app purchases always ask for a password, even if one has previously been entered

    iPod Touch only

  • New FaceTime icon (4th Gen iPod Touch Only)
  • Added FaceTime Command in Voice Control (4th Gen iPod Touch Only)
  • New look for taking a picture for a Contact (4th Gen iPod Touch Only)

    Bug Fixes (From official Apple Changelog)[69]

  • Accessibility
    • Fixed issue that prevented controls from being dismissed in some cases
    • Addressed issue where the keyboard could not be brought back when highlighting and swiping through search results
    • Voice over now reads the entire chart in stocks app while in landscape mode
  • AirPlay
    • Fixed slideshow stop after 15 image when using AirPlay
  • Baseband & Telephony
    • iPhone -> 05.16.01 (for 3Gs), 04.10.01 (for 4)
    • Updated carrier settings (U.S. is AT&T 10.0)
    • Enabled Traffic Volume Indicator IE in CELL UPDATE
    • Fixed issue with integrity protection failing after SRNS relocation
    • Fixed issue of iPhone units deactivating and not activating after baseband logging is enabled
    • iPad -> 07.11.00
    • Fixed issue of Physical channel reconfiguration failure during a reselection procedure
    • Fixed issue of the UE missing a page because it is decoding and responding to RRC Setup messages meant for other UEs
    • Fixed incorrect auto routing with LG HBM-210 on FaceTime calls
  • CalDAV
    • Fixed canceled recurring calendar events still shows on the event list
  • Calendar
    • Fixed deleting a recurring events make the alarm go away
    • Fixed all-day alarm fired an hour early
  • Exchange
    • Fixed exchange calendar event duplicating when passing Israeli daylight savings time
  • Fonts
    • Letter l is now visible in notes (zYx- letter l IS visible in notes in 4.2.1, WAS visible in 4.1, 4.0.1 and 4.0! [1])
  • Keyboard
    • Fixed missing accented letters in European keyboard popups
    • Increase font size for China and Pinyin inputs
    • Fixed auto-correction issue when switch back from Emoji to English keyboard
    • Added inline space with Pinyin inputs
    • Corrected “Undo” translation in Simplified Chinese to “??”
  • Localization
    • Updated inconsistent translation in Chinese, Finnish, Norwegian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese
    • Fixed missing Chinese characters in Pinyin
    • Improved common phrases used in Chinese
    • Improved common phrases used in Japanese
    • ???? is no longer missing
    • Fixed issue that produced unexpected output when trying to type ??????
    • ??? now ranked higher than ???
    • Word completion candidates capability now available for Chinese language
    • Added additional common phrases for character ?
    • Fixed issue that caused the wrong candidates to be displayed (J: “?????”) when “?????” is input
    • “??(???)” now in the candidate
  • Mail
    • Fixed orientation of mail application not following device orientation under specific conditions
    • Fixed popover when drilling into a thread while the empty search field is focused
    • Fixed mail message view and orientation when quickly selecting a message and hitting edit mode
  • Messaging
    • Fixed MMS messages with vCards scrolling up
  • Phone
    • Fixed screen not drawing properly when Nike+ is in the background
  • Security
    • Added [Address Space Layout Randomization] (ASLR) [2]
  • Status bar
    • Added new icon for Wi-Fi Tethering for personal hotspot on status bar
  • Web
    • Fixed issue that caused Safari and other apps to crash after loading certain heavy Websites
    • Fixed Personal Hotspot password failure with 22+ characters
  • Jailbreaking Ability
    • Fixed Untethered Exploit By Chronic-Dev Team.
  • VoiceOver
    • Added support for “find” in Safari
    • Fixed wallpaper titles for VoiceOver

File name: iPod3,1_4.3_8F190_Restore.ipsw

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