Download iOS 2.1 IPSW

Download iOS IPSW for 1st Generation iPod Touch

Build: 5F137
Release date: Sep 9, 2008
Features, Updates, Bugfix, and Changelog of iOS :

  • Free for iPod Touch users who have upgraded to iOS 2.0.
  • Initial Release on iPod Touch 2nd Generation (as 2.1.1)
  • Companion Changes in/with iTunes 8 for this release
    • Displays capacity and used space of information on iPhone.
    • Dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes
    • Does not remove all media after restore
    • Faster firmware installation and data sync
    • Application updates downloaded from iTunes have new finder naming convention
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
    • Security fix to prevent from bypassing the double home button exploit
    • Fixed bugs causing hangs and crashes for users with lots of third party applications
    • Faster installation and updating of 3rd party applications
    • Updating applications keeps their icons in place on the home screen.
    • Improvements to Mail stability
    • Improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts
    • Faster loading and searching of contacts
    • Auto-correct now appears above the text instead of below (fixing a usability problem people were having where auto-correct would appear above the first row of keys).
    • Smoother browsing in Safari, particularly when scrolling up/down on a web page
    • Significantly better battery life for most users
    • Decrease in call set-up failures and dropped calls
    • Improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display.
    • Some Bluetooth headsets which didn’t originally work with visual voicemail on previous firmware versions have been reported to be working on 2.1.
    • The 12/24 hour clock which has been available in previous versions is now usable to UK iPhone users.
    • Improved way of creating the “Application Map” on reboot fixes the “ALoD” issue.
    • Third-party application settings are loaded after loading the main Settings.
    • With the UK English keyboard setting, when entering URLs, holding down the ‘.com’ button would bring up shortcuts to other TLDs, but for some reason it would drop ‘.net’ to make room for ‘’. 2.1 adds ‘.net’ for the UK English keyboard.
    • Apple have fixed the grammar in the App Store when all apps up to date. Prior to 2.1, the update page would display the text “All Apps Are Up-To-Date.” (hyphenated with a period). The update page now displays the text “All Apps Are Up to Date”.
    • Double tapping (the standard gesture for zooming) didn’t work in prior firmware versions in the Mail application. The only way to zoom into content (e.g. a HTML attachment/web page) was to use the ‘pinch’ method. 2.1 now adds the functionality of double tapping to zoom in the Mail application.
    • Calculator apps bug fixed regarding calculations using constants such as Pi.
  • OS Enhancements
  • Triple-click on the control button of headphones now jumps music to previous track played.
  • SMS app can alert up to two additional times if you don’t acknowledge an incoming text message. (will play the alert sound/vibrate again after a period of time as if a new message just came in).
  • When receiving a text message, it used to display “Sender — Text Message” when the message preview was off, e.g. “Pete — Text Message”. After updating to 2.1, it now just displays “New Text Message”.
  • Update Supporting Languages
  • Option to wipe data after ten failed passcode attempts. (After 5 attempts, the device will disable itself for 1 minute. After the 6th attempt, it will disable itself for 5 minutes. In the 10th attempt, it will wipe all data.)
  • 3G, EDGE, and GPRS indicators changed.
  • The camera can now be turned off within the restrictions page.
  • When taking a screen-shot of your phone, there is now the camera shutter noise
  • Pause apps by clicking the icon while it downloads/installs
  • Updated apps now keep their original position in the Home Screen.
  • iPod volume/application volume setting is now independent of the phone ringer volume setting.
  • iPhone never gets locked when placed in dock and play music.
  • New Application features
    • Genius playlist creation
    • More information provided within iPod Music lists (artist and album are now shown below song title when selecting music in addition to remaining time on podcasts)
    • More information is provided for audiobooks, such as displaying time left in active audiobook.
    • New podcasts & videos had “filled” blue bubbles next to them to indicate that they were new, but with 2.1, if you have “half-played” a podcast or video, it will include a half filled blue bubble.
    • Sound from iPod now “fade out” if you start syncing device with iTunes.
    • Options to load & display earlier text message in a conversation.
    • EXIF data information now remains on photos/pictures when emailed from your iPhone. Sites such as Flickr are now able to show geotag and other information.
    • When location services is switched off in the Settings menu, the Maps application reminds you to manually turn it back on from the Settings menu when using GPS. Originally, you would have the option to turn it on when the notification appeared.
    • Bookmarked home screen apps open in full screen.
  • Only available in the iPod Touch
    • Settings for individual speaker sounds. Sounds can no longer be turned off en masse. All sounds must be turned off individually to mute sounds.
    • New speaker sound when sending mail.
  • Only available in the iPod Touch 2G
    • Nike+ Support

File name: iPod1,1_2.1_5F137_Restore.ipsw

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